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The Prize

The winner of RU Talented will receive a cash prize, a recording contract with RU Listening Ltd with full music video and promotional budget, a platform online to build a career, advice and knowledge from top industry professionals, experience recording and being in and around the music industry in London and they will also be flown out to the RU Listening headquarters in Dubai for the final.

Stage 1

Stage 1 will be the online audition process where participants upload their home audition videos to The RU Talented Website.The best auditions will then be critiqued by our online judging panel, who we will also see in person later on in the show. Each judge will upload a video of their feedback for an allocated number of audition videos.

Participants will have to gather their friends, family and fan bases together to gain as many votes or likes as possible so that they can progress onto stage 2 of the show.

Stage 2

Once the most popular auditions have been selected over the course of the Stage 1 period of 2 consecutive weeks, the final 10 then come down to London to audition live in front of the judges.This is where the judges get to see the acts properly for the first time and decide amongst themselves who goes through to the top 6.

Stage 3

Stage 3 will be a lot of fun for the acts as they will be put into a live in studio for a week to create their own song with the help of the judges, industry professionals and artists.We will film the laughter, the talent, the arguments and the competitiveness of them all for a solid week.

Stage 4

Stage 4 will then be the week of sales for the acts as they spend the whole week getting people to download their song and uploading videos of themselves promoting their song in new and innovative ways. The judges, of course, will also have their say on the songs that have been created.

The Final

Stage 5 will be the final in Dubai. We see the acts getting on the plane from London and getting off in Dubai, picked up by the RU Listening Vehicle and dropped to RU Listening Headquarters where they settle in and prepare for the final where we announce the winner of the show!